Investing In Yourself and Managing Fear As A Business Owner


Investing in yourself and managing fear present themselves in many ways when you’re a business owner. 

Perhaps you’ve got a few non-negotiable weeks scheduled throughout the year for recharging your batteries. Or perhaps it’s overcoming fears to set a bigger vision for your business.

For Kait Cummins, Founding Director of The Play Project, it’s both.

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What a pleasure it was to have Kait on this week’s newest PPMP episode. She walks us through her business journey, describing what it looks like now whilst reminiscing about how she got there.

From the benefits of hiring a solid admin team, to the importance of pooling learning lessons, the golden nuggets in this episode are gleaming bright as ever.

There are even some tidbits for those looking, or who are already in the process of, shifting away from a hands-on position to a more directorial role. Kait describes this transition as she explores her focus areas during the process.

But among all these wonderful insights, what stands out most to me is this idea of learning about investing in yourself and managing fear. Two vital concepts that so often get swept under the managerial rug, or shoved aside into the “later” pile.

What are you doing to invest in yourself? To recharge those batteries? 

In the words of Kait, “recharging is heaven”.

Through taking time for yourself, you give yourself the ability to control your mind and work through those fears and challenges that have been running through your thoughts.

Are there certain fears that are holding you back from doing something you’ve always wanted to do in your business?

Kait Cummins

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