Interview With Brett Jarman – Sharing Knowledge With Content Marketing

Business and Content Strategist, Speaker - Brett Jarman

Why is it that so many allied health business owners shy away from content marketing?

In this episode I chat with Brett Jarman, business and content strategist and CEO and founder of Help Me Leverage and Experts On Air, which produces this podcast.

He specialises in helping business owners build their reputation through content marketing, or ‘authority marketing’ as he likes to call it. He’s a firm believer that the more of a reputation you have, the easier business will be, and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Brett is also the author of Soul Operator – How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business With Purpose’.

In this episode, he shares his knowledge of the content marketing space and how it can benefit any business, especially those in the allied health sector.

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Episode highlights:

  • What Brett does as CEO and founder of Help Me Leverage and Experts On Air
  • How Brett defines content marketing
  • What are forms of content marketing? Podcasts, interviews, blog posts, social media
  • Why a blog is a good place to start as a content marketer – you control the real estate
  • Speaking as a form of content marketing as an allied health business owner – a great way to communicate your expertise and get instant feedback
  • Brett’s suggestions for clinicians to start out blogging – choose a micro topic, write bullet points on your subject, and work through those
  • An exercise for coming up with micro topics to write or talk about
  • Is the podcast the new blog post?
  • Brett’s prediction for podcast growth in Australia
  • People underestimate the opportunities for growing themselves internationally
  • Brett’s creation of the Reputational Credit Score Tool – it will help people measure how effective they are in the marketplace
  • Imposter syndrome – ‘who am I to be doing this!?’ We put someone else on a pedestal but there’s room for everyone
  • The importance of consistency – people who succeed put out content every single week, don’t do it half-heartedly
  • Publish prolifically and promote persistently

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