Leading A Rapidly Growing Business As A Young CEO


Ever related to the term “imposter syndrome”? 

Is the term “fake it ‘til you make it” really something we should live by?

How can a business become even busier than before the pandemic hit?

In this week’s brand new PPMP Podcast episode we’re answering all these questions and more with Madeleine Buchner: Founder and CEO of Little Dreamers, Australia’s leading Young Carer organisation working with young people who provide unpaid care for a family member with a serious illness.

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At just 27 years old, Maddy has 40 staff across three states in Australia and a growth rate at Little Dreamers of 155%.

Among many things, Maddy’s story and the journey of Little Dreamers is truly a testament to the power of communities coming together within the allied health sector. 

Not only does she reveal the ins-and-outs of how Little Dreamers works, but she gives some wonderful insights on her leadership style and learning moments as a young CEO.

From crying in front of your team to spilling food down your top on a morning Zoom meeting, Maddy gives us some raw insights on the power of vulnerability as a leader.

Leadership is messy. It’s confronting, glorious, and surprising. You can grow with it, you can grow around it, and it’s a day-by-day adventure. 

One of the biggest points that stands out in this episode is the experience of growing pains during rapid business growth. As a self-proclaimed control freak, Maddy struggled to trust others with certain elements of the business as it began to flourish.

It begs the question: Are there certain areas in your business that other people could be taking off your hands?

What areas of your business have you been neglecting because you’re focusing on a task that could be done more efficiently by someone else?

Madeleine Buchner

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