Improve your Allied Health Services, Team and Overall Business Performance by Reviewing and Adjusting Your Private Practice Fees

Allied health business owners often have hesitations in reviewing and adjusting their fees. Many probably don’t know how to identify the increases needed and, ultimately, have a hard time justifying and explaining these changes to clients and even to themselves. This episode will help you make informed decisions on fee reviews and adjustments you need in your practice today.

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Increasing your fees to get positive results in your business

I have also been through this predicament of fee increases when I had my private practice. It surely wasn’t an easy task but going through the process has made a tremendous positive difference in my overall business. I want you to experience the same benefits when I made these changes in my practice.

Armed with knowledge about reviewing and adjusting your fees the right way will empower and inspire you to work on implementing this process in your business. I will share my knowledge on some of the biggest bits I’ve experienced and have heard and understood from other allied business owners to help you get started on the right track.

Episode highlights:

  • Typical problems and challenges that allied health business owners encounter when adjusting fees.
  • Reviewing and increasing your fees.
  • Finding the right timing to introduce a new fee structure in your practice.
  • The benefits of reviewing your current fees.
  • The importance of reports in going through this process.
  • Reasons why you should consider time-based billing.
  • Essential questions you need to ask yourself and think about.
  • The impact of levelling up your fees to you, your clients, team and business
Cathy Love

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