How to Streamline your Workflow by Ditching To-Do Lists

A lot of people are surprised that I don’t work off of to-do lists anymore. Yes, I have used them for the past 30 years in business but over the years, I’ve learned so many ways of doing things differently. I am going to share these with you today in the hopes of helping you manage your time and energy better with your business, team and clients.

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Evolving ways of doing and listing down tasks and priorities

Back in the day, the only way I knew to organise my activities was having a to-do list. Next thing you know, I had lists of lists and an overwhelming amount of sticky notes. It was good but it wasn’t helping me focus and prioritise in a calm and well-regulated manner.

Technology and apps then became available, but all were list-based too. Asana, Trello, Slack, Monday, Flow, and many more apps came to help you with to-do lists and bring in team members to help with each project, add channels, share files, communicate, and help with task progression. These are good apps, but can still be a little bit of overwhelm.

What is discussed in this episode:

  • Striving for streamlined and high-performing workflows and teams.
  • 2 things that we do to have a sense of flow and ease.
  • An overview of how I manage myself and my tasks.
  • Working through my 12-month plan.
  • How I manage my monthly planning.
  • The system I use for my weekly planning.

Book – Personal Kanban: Navigating the Work | Mapping the Life, Jim Benson

Cathy Love

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