How To Exit Or Sell Your Business


For those who are wondering how to exit or sell your business, I bet the first thing on your mind is making sure it’s a seamless process.

Less complexities = less worries.

But where do you even begin? What steps are the best steps to take on this (seemingly) long and winding path? 

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Luckily, this week’s PPMP podcast guest is here to help

Julian Whitehead, partner with Whitehead Legal, exclusively advises commercial matters in the healthcare landscape throughout Australia. From veterinarians to health entrepreneurs, Julian has been serving allied health practitioners for almost a decade.

No matter if your business is a startup or a large-scale clinic, Julian’s essential tips and insights are here to make things easier. 

At the end of the day, it’s about recognising that you have something sellable. A sellable entity with commercial value.

Julian and I dive deep into each topic and the process behind exiting or selling your business. We take you from start to finish – from succession planning, to getting ready to sell, to the many steps involved in selling.

Our conversation basically demystifies the legal side of it all – something I personally appreciated when I had my practice. (Good thing my lawyer was my neighbour – quite a few helpful over-the-back-fence conversations there.)

Do you have an exit plan? Have you thought about starting to build and protect assets if you’re going to sell? 

When it comes to learning how to exit or sell your business, there is never any harm in talking to a lawyer and getting the right advice.

If you get yourself and your team ready early, there will be less complexities in the long run.

So buckle up, get that notepad ready, and get set for a value-packed episode.

Julian Whitehead

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