Sue Gregory Interview – How to Manage Your Energy Flow and Experience Joy in What You Do

Energy and joy in your personal and professional life can definitely affect the outcomes of your experiences and actions.

Susie Gregory, Occupational Therapist and Director of Healthy Outlook, joins us in this episode to talk all about the importance of managing energy and feeling joy in what you do. Sue is backed by 30 years of experience in the industry and a passion for transforming individuals and teams to create high performance and positive work cultures.

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Episode highlights:

  • Susie’s Occupational Therapy adventure from then to now.
  • Her curiosity about her profession, her exploration on what sits outside it, and how she merged both in her practice.
  • The importance of being joyful about what you do and why you shouldn’t stop yourself from being held up by boundaries.
  • Tension and the intention that she has experienced as being necessary for her clinical and business practice.
  • How intention has guided Susie with business decisions.
  • Susie tells us about how she manages her energy and the experiences she went through in her life that started her journey to healing.
  • Maintaining and managing your energy flow.
  • The changes her business has seen over the years, where is it now and her vision for it.
  • Susie tells us about her work with indigenous Australians.
  • Susie shares her learnings and adventures in Occupational Therapy.

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Sue Gregory

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