How Does Your Business Support Your Lifestyle?

What were your initial goals when you created your allied health business? Did you want to regain control over your life? Be able to take mental health days at any time, or attend your child’s special days at school?

For Rhiannon Crispe, her deep dive into the business pool started when she wanted to have the freedom to do the things that were meaningful to her – without any restrictions that come with working for someone.

Rhiannon is the Founder & Occupational Therapist at Homebase Hope, and she wanted to approach things differently when building her business.

As healthcare providers, we give back so much to our clients and help them with their lives, but we so often forget to do that same for our own lives.


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No matter if you’re just starting out or wanting to take the next step in your business, Rhiannon has countless words of wisdom to encourage you to push past your fears or reservations. 


“Take that first step, then follow the path that unfolds as you start to walk down it.”

“If your vision doesn’t leave you alone, you’ve got to act on it, or else it’s going to express itself through someone else.”

“If fear is holding you back, remember that you don’t need to know the final chapter before you take that first step.”


We chat about looking into residual income to support your lifestyle, conquering imposter syndrome, reaching out to others for support, understanding your intellectual property, and so much more.

Remember: there are no rules – only the ones you impose on yourself, and those are only there as part of fear.

Rhiannon Crispe

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