The Power of Honest Conversations And Self Care In Business With Cate Schrek


This week’s focus is on the power of honest conversations and self-care in business. Those are truly two of the most powerful, impactful things you can do right now to further your life both professionally and personally.

As business owners, many of us forget the other side of it all. There are many pieces to the puzzle, and taking care of ourselves makes up a big chunk of those pieces.

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I’m joined by Cate Schreck, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Lightbulb Training Solutions.

Our conversation is really…well…a good old-fashioned conversation! This episode feels like you’re right in the room with us (or rooms since we’re chatting over Zoom, of course), so feel free to get comfy and have a laugh with us.

We talk all-things online shopping, Netflix recommendations, COVID fatigue, self-care routines, staycation ideas, and, of course, my famous Frog Coffin Pancakes (you’ll have to listen to the episode for the recipe).

Naturally, though, there are some glowing business gems scattered throughout this episode – one of them being to know when it’s time to recharge those business batteries.

So, take a little time to relax and sit back – and I’m talking about relaxing both your body and your mind. 

When was the last time you had a real good chat with someone? No planning, no scheduling, no dot-points, no expectations. Just a good ol’ honest chat.

Cate Schreck

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