Natasha Hawker Interview – Hiring, Managing and Retaining Employees in your Allied Health Business

Human Resources is one of the hardest things to manage when it comes to business. Employee Matters is a company that helps small to medium businesses hire and manage better. They offer services on HR that is fully flexible depending on the needs of your business and help you maximise profitability and productivity through your employees.

Natasha Hawker, Founder and Managing Director of Employee Matters, joins us in this episode of the Practice Made Perfect Podcast, to talk about all things HR. From recruitment, management, mental health in the workplace, and so much more. It was a wealth of knowledge talking to her and I’m happy to be sharing this conversation with you today.

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Episode highlights:

  • Overview of Employee Matters
  • Products & Services offered by Employee Matters
  • Mental health in the workplace.
  • Natasha’s understanding on the statistics on mental health and mental wellness for business owners.
  • Mental wellness as self-care strategies.
  • Mental health prevalence in the workforce.
  • Natasha’s thoughts on Employment Assistance Providers (EAP) services.
  • Recruitment as a pain point for businesses.
  • Great ways to make applicants feel absolutely loved and involved as the next necessary teammate.
  • Pro tips to think about on your Employee Value Proposition.
  • Recruiting work of Employee Matters.
  • Seeing students working as allied health assistants and transitioning to fully paid work.
  • The importance of managers becoming great leaders.
  • What it takes to run a great business.
  • Tips and concerns on retaining people in the allied health industry.

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