Jeremy Streten Interview – Going Through The Business Legal Life Cycle to Achieve Business Success

What does it take to build a successful business? My guest today, Jeremy Streten is a lawyer and the CEO of The Business Legal Life Cycle. He is going to talk to us all about his book the Business Legal Life Cycle: How to Successfully Navigate Your Way from Start Up to Success. 

Jeremy generously shares about what his book covers, understanding intellectual property and common legal growing pains SMEs are experiencing. It was a very interesting conversation and if you are an allied health business or any SME owner, you are going to want to listen to this.

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Episode highlights:

  • Jeremy’s goal for writing his book
  • His practice and the support they give to small business owners.
  • Coming up with the model of The Business Legal Life Cycle
  • The most common reasons why business owners don’t have lawyers in their team.
  • A run-through on the 13 Phases discussed in his book.
  • Suggestions for allied health business owners on what they can sell.
  • Understanding Intellectual Property.
  • The processes business owners need to go through to identify their intellectual property and get it protected.
  • Main legal growing pains in SMEs.

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Jeremy Streten

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