Getting Clear on Developing Career Opportunities

It’s a topic with some of the highest volume of questions I receive, and it’s certainly a hot conversation at the moment amongst our clients. But have you thought about your approach?

I’m talking about career opportunities.

“How do I sort out salaries across my team?” “How do I get clear on what I can offer?” “How do I get these people into some sort of career system?”

Sound familiar? If so, you won’t want to miss the latest PPMP episode.

It’s a solo episode where I’m diving into how you can get organised when developing career opportunities for clinicians. (Spoiler alert: It’s more than a series of sticky notes on the wall.)

Many allied health business owners are wanting to build that dream team. They want to keep people for the right reasons and the right roles.

Developing career opportunities is complex and requires considerable guidance and planning. But it does all start back at the basics, which I cover in the episode.

Tension arises for business owners when they pay people in an unstructured way, with various roles and responsibilities, and vague position descriptions.

Listen to the episode for my insights on how to approach your organisation chart (current and future), referencing the Award, and working through core duties, measurable performance KPI’s, and more.

Without great coaching and business mentoring, you don’t know what you don’t know. And in that case, you don’t always know what a sophisticated, effective career framework looks like.

Yes, it can be complex, but it does really make a difference when you organise and get clear on career opportunities that you can offer.


Cathy Love

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