Carlien Parahi Interview – Franchising in the World of Allied Health

I interviewed Carlien Parahi on episode 116 of the Private Practice Made Perfect Podcast where she shared how they successfully took their business, Sense Rugby, to other OTs around Australia and globally. She was a wealth of knowledge and was so generous in sharing their story. As an allied health business owner, you may find some useful tips and lessons that you can adapt into your own practice.

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Episode highlights:

  • The story of how their business began, combining occupational therapy with rugby.
  • Carlienn tells us more about Sense Rugby
  • Their business model on working with other OTs
  • Kinds of business owners taking up their franchise offer.
  • Benefits for business and practice owners
  • Benefits of kids in taking their rugby classes.
  • A snippet on a normal week in her life as a business owner and mum.
  • Learning all the ins and outs of the business side of things.
  • Communicating with all the OT franchisees.
  • Her vision for Sense Rugby in the coming years.

Useful Links:

Sense Rugby Website

Sense Rugby Facebook


Carlien Parahi

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