Forming Strong Networks & Building a Leadership Team

Hearing about the clinician-to-practice-manager journey will never get old. You can learn so much from someone’s personal experience, no matter if their story is similar to yours or not. 

For this PPMP episode, I’m delighted to have Dora Chan in the studio. As Director and Speech Pathologist at Happy Chatter, Dora is here to share her career ventures in the last couple of years. You may be surprised to learn that she built Happy Chatter in the middle of the pandemic – no easy feat, considering what a difficult time it has been.  

If you have transitioned from clinician to business owner, at what point did you realise that you can’t do it all? 

Dora shares that lightbulb moment for her, and eventually getting to a point of wanting the clinic to run autonomously without the need for her to be there at every waking moment. You’ll also hear her insights on being a leader, including the importance of learning to let go. Like “taking the weight off my shoulders,” she says. 

We also get onto the topic of team culture – something of utmost importance for Dora and Happy Chatter. She shares how she fosters positivity and open communication, as well as how she instils business values within the team. With such a vibrant culture and high recruitment and retention rates, it’s only normal that I ask Dora what’s her big secret. Listen to the episode to find out. 

Other must-listen topics include having the courage to get help when you need it, why Dora loves the Accelerator Mastermind so much, how she gets motivated, and learning to love the numbers. She also opens up about building a leadership team, as well as the importance of forming strong personal and professional networks. 

Who is in your support network? Is it time to reach out for help? Remember: You can’t do it all, and no one expects you to.


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Dora Chan

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