Facilitating Change & Improving Mindset

In another one of our “Where Are They Now” episodes, I’m excited to say we’ve got Emily Hayles from Move and Play Paediatric Therapy back on the podcast. 

We start off by having a chat about the rapid growth of her business, as well as the growth pains associated with that.

Our main focus this episode, though, is on Emily’s wonderful book, Braver Than You Think: How to Help Your Child with a Disability Live Their Best Life.

Emily dives into what went on behind the scenes creating this book, from her motivation to write, the hidden meaning behind the BRAVE acronym, to her thoughts on the tension and expectations associated with the NDIS.

What you might not expect is how important this book is not only for parents of children with a disability, but also therapists themselves.

For Emily, it’s all about empowering parents and therapists to remember the joyful parts of life, our lifestyles, and how crucial those moments are.

“What a fantastic thing if we can give parents the tools, skills and knowledge they need so they can do things they need for their child.”

As well as her book, you’ll hear Emily share the ins-and-outs of her upcoming workshops. These workshops are aimed at opening up thinking and mindset for therapists, and what the future could look like for them if they implement certain changes. 

You also don’t want to miss Emily’s predictions for this year, which explore the underlying dissatisfaction with the status quo of our society, allowing us to hopefully spend more time reflecting on how we can all do things better.


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Emily Hayles

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