Karen Finnin Interview – Exploring the World of TeleHealth

TeleHealth is giving customers and providers the opportunity to fly way beyond geographical areas.

Karen Finnin Director of Online Physio, Physiotherapist, speaker, author, mento2.33r and a commentator on the telehealth space joins us today to share her expertise on TeleHealth. She has been part of the TeleHealth space for years and has been one of the first health professionals who delved into it.

Karen tells us how we can get started in our TeleHealth journey through her personal experiences and learned lessons.

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Episode highlights:

  • A backgrounder on Online Physio and the services they offer.
  • The things she learned when she shifted from hands-on to online services.
  • Customer experience in Online Physio.
  • The differences of hands-on and online care services.
  • Other disciplines providing online care services.
  • Thoughts on getting started into TeleHealth
  • Technology considerations for TeleHealth starters.
  • The importance of automations in the business.
  • Pricing your services.
  • How patients are loving their easier access to their physio through Online Physio.
  • Managing messages and emails from patients.
  • Karen’s outlook on allied health services in the next 5 years.
  • Suggestions for getting comfortable with technology in business.
  • Seeing telehealth as another tool in your business.
  • Learning more about consultations and trainings from Karen.
  • The things Karen has learned from her business adventure.
  • The Online Physio business team.
  • Living the laptop lifestyle.
  • The face palm that comes up again and again for private practice owners.

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Karen Finnin

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