Expert Recruitment Insights for Allied Health Business Owners

Fearful of recruitment? Unsure how to approach it in your business? Danielle Weedon and Clare Jones are here to help! Directors of MediRecruit, Danielle and Clare have been working in recruitment since 2001, and have never seen a tougher time than what they’re seeing now.

In this episode, you’ll hear us discuss everything from flexible workplace tricks and tips, the introduction of the NDIS and its subsequent opportunities, what’s happening with the 2023 graduate cohort, what the recruitment market will look like in the future, and much more.

These lovely ladies also have a podcast of their own, Allied Health Podcast, which explores the Allied Health industry including clinical trends, assistive technology, career pathways, recruitment, and more. Give it a listen for even more golden nuggets!

Topics covered on flexible workplace insights, the 2023 graduate cohort, and overcoming the fear of hiring recruitment agencies:

  • What Allied Health business owners need to be thinking about to attract the right people, and how to make your practice stand out amongst competitors. 
  • Thinking more about career pathways, mastering cover letters and resumes, struggling with the end stage of the recruitment process, and the experience of moving to the UK for graduates. 
  • Understanding how much you’ll learn as a business owner when working with an agency, and learning the key things to ask when recruiting. 

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More about The Private Practice Made Perfect Show: 

The Private Practice Made Perfect podcast is a much loved conversation for those wanting to hear real life Australian Allied Health business stories, adventures and the occasional confession. 

The outstanding guest list includes business owners and wonderful small business supporters such as accountants, marketers, bookkeepers, IT wizards, virtual assistants, lawyers and more. 

As you know, it takes a village to run a business. Cathy gathers the tribe, captures the collective wisdom and conveniently delivers it to your earbuds. 

All episodes are chatty, honest and practical… warning… we often stray from the topic, talk of wine and laugh loudly.

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Danielle Weedon & Clare Jones

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