Ep.8 The Ethical Financial Planner vs. The Financial Product ‘Flogger’ with Melinda Houghton

My guest this week is Melinda Houghton, Director and Senior Planner at Houghton Strategic Solutions. Melinda is a mother, award winning business woman, consumer advocate and the best part – she offers financial planning for real people. Her down-to-earth nature is reflected throughout her work.

Melinda’s decision to go into business for herself came from the frustration she felt after working within financial planning businesses that all followed the same flawed business model. Her vision for a better way has proved that you can build an ethical and profitable business while catering to those that aren’t wealthy… yet, anyway.

On top of running a successful business and spending time with her beautiful family she is dedicated to improving financial literacy and transforming the not so favorable image of the financial planning industry!

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In this episode, we also talk about:
  • The history of financial planning and why it gets a bad rap – the financial planner vs. the ‘financial product flogger’
  • Financial planning is about the strategy – products are secondary and they are only a tool to get you where you want to be
  • The importance of focusing on your personal goals and objective when devising your financial plan
  • The training requirements to be a financial planner – your financial planners will be required to have a degree equivalency
  • Running your business – getting your head around the financial side by employing a team of experts and the confidence that it will give you
  • Having someone with expertise taking care of the expert areas – have a team of advisers – it takes a village!
  • What to look for when seeking an adviser – finances are important, don’t just sit down with anyone
  • Mel’s upcoming book, The Insider’s Guide to Getting Quality Advice Before You’re wealthy
  • How she came to win several awards for business and financial planning
  • Her unique business structure and what drove her to go out on her own and challenge the industry norm
  • The pride she takes in focusing on and representing people who are not yet wealthy
  • What Mel would do with a whole free day!
  • The first-hand advice she has for health professionals working with children and families
  • The difference between an accountant and financial planner
  • Her very interesting question for me… you’ll have to listen to find out!


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