Ep.7 The dawn of disruption, in the disability sector with Jenna Moffat

Jenna Moffat is the Co-founder of Clickability, a rating and review website for disability services that is best likened to Trip Advisor. Needless to say Jenna has a passion for social change which saw her starting her career as a carer and then social worker.

Jenna was drawn to working with people with disability however quickly became frustrated by the lack of consumer-focused information and accountability available to help people navigate systems.

She’s taken her social work principles and applied this to her new entrepreneurial role supporting the development of savvy consumers. Also to, working with service providers on this grass-roots, community driven organization, providing peer-driven information to subscribers.

So impressive is the work that she and co-founder and director Aviva Beecher Kelk are doing, they are already being recognized and awarded for it!

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That’s not all we talk about, we also get into:
  • The importance of informed choice and transparency in the disability sector
  • The response from services providers to a service like Clickability and how they aim to work with service providers not against them
  • The empowering response from participants, excited to have somewhere to speak about their services and know that services are likely to improve as a result
  • Being the new kids on the block – after the site piloted for 9 months their official Victorian launch was only in January 2016
  • Challenging the culture of ‘fear’ about speaking up about services in a public forum.
  • The NDIS, of course gets an honourable mention
  • The NSW launch of Clickability and what they would like service providers to do to make sure their listings are correct
  • The incredible team at Clickability and why their organisational culture in unique
  • The creative ways they communicate being a remote team
  • The end user, accessibility and their priorities when building the platform
  • Richard Branson – you’ll have to listen to find out how he fits in
  • And so much more!



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