Ep. 53 Jenny Pither – The Value Of Having A Virtual Assistant For Your Allied Health

Administration work is of paramount importance for any business, but it often takes too muchtime. Outsourcing work to a Virtual Admin Assistant can free up your time whilst keeping overheads low. It’s a win-win.

To highlight the value of Virtual Assistants, I interviewed Jenny Pither, founding director of Allied Health Admin Services, with more than 25 years experience within the medical and allied health industries.

She helps businesses keep costs low, and efficiency high and has enough NDIS knowledge to be deemed the NDIS post-processing queen.

It’s 45 minutes of insightful business chat, but without the boring business jargon. In this interview you’ll hear Jenny’s predictions for the future of NDIS, her favourite practice management software and the ins and outs of virtual assistants helping to run a successful business.

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Topics covered in this episode:

  • What exactly does a Virtual Assistant do?
  • What services can a Virtual Assistant offer?
  • How can hiring a Virtual Assistant keep running costs down?
  • Helping allied health professionals navigate the NDIS portal
  • Admin work and how it’s one of the biggest hassles for allied health business owners
  • Getting the most from invoicing using a Virtual Assistant
  • Quality, Safeguards and Auditing Process of the NDISs
  • Getting the basics done right – policies and procedures that every business should have in place
  • Providing evidence to the Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Being transparent to your client base and the general public
  • Jenny’s favourite Practice Management Software – Cliniko vs Nookal
  • Supporting allied health professionals
  • Starting Virtual Assistants on a basic contract
  • Why you should learn to trust Virtual Assistants – knowing what to ask for and how to word it
  • Learning a client’s voice as a Virtual Assistant
  • Jenny’s professional background in radiology and general practice to allied health
  • Medical transcription dying out
  • Lessons Jenny’s learned by starting her own business – upskilling yourself is important
  • The future of Allied Health Admin Services – consulting on NDIS and moving into the planned management sector
  • Running a business without a strict business plan
  • Using a Business Advisor to better your business
  • Proud moments in business for Allied Health Admin Services – Finalists in its local Business Awards
  • Lessons Jenny’s learned about herself
  • Jenny’s question to Cathy: how are you navigating NDIS?
  • Why Cathy de-registered from the NDIS in 2017
  • NDIS predictions – the future could be bleak
  • Will tiered pricing come to fruition?
  • Will NDIS be just as big a financial strain on Australia as Medicare is?
  • Why business models should be adapted to be less one-on-one
  • Pricing models – reducing NDIS therapy fees so clients can get more sessions in their package
  • The importance of experimenting with different pricing models to find a happy medium
  • Value of allied health Virtual Assistants


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