Ep.5 What happened in the pool at Noosa with Emma Price

Emma Price is the founding CEO of Source Kids, has a background in marketing and now leads a business team of 4. Source Kids, issues a phenomenal FREE magazine that links parents who have a child with a disability with product and service providers. This hugely successful publication now has a typical online reach of 240,000 people per month.

The magazines are stunning. The content, images and adverts are bright, vibrant, professional and interesting. I am a huge fan and look forward to my bimonthly copy in the mail.

Source Kids have big plans for the next twelve months, several of which are still top secret. What we can expect is more fantastic magazines, more video and a growing online presence. Stay tuned folks.

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In this episode, we touch on:
  • The difficulties that parents face when looking for disability service providers
  • How Source Kids is bridging the gap for families
  • Emma shares about her family and navigating Angelman syndrome with her daughter
  • The role of health professionals
  • Dr Google gets a mention
  • The challenges of finding writers, sponsors and distribution partners during the first year has paid off.
  • And so much more!


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Angelman Syndrome



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