Ep.49 The importance of team culture and the challenges of dealing with the NDIS in private practice with Kerri-Anne Telford

In this episode, we talk to Kerri-Anne Telford, an Occupational Therapist with a private practice in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We talk about team culture, using private practice softwares, NDIS opportunities and challenges and a lot more

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What is covered in this episode:

  • The team
  • The combination of the practice’s independent contractors and employees
  • Her story in starting her own private practice – finding team members and a new office
  • Kerri-Anne’s weekly schedule
  • Goals of the practice
  • The surprises and learnings from the 3-year growth and run of her practice
  • Her business smarts and where, when and how she got it
  • Her favorite books
  • How she uses emotional intelligence in leading her team
  • The impact of practice management software to her business
  • Her thoughts on the NDIS
  • Her hunch on what is to happen in September with tier pricing
  • Families and fundings from the NDIS
  • The next 12 months for her private practice
  • What Cathy would do if she had a private practice with clinicians and her thoughts in terms of leading a team with the NDIS
  • The importance of organizational culture in her business





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