Ep.2 Passion, Energy and Commitment in Private Practice with Dino Mennillo

Dino Mennillo is the co-owner of OT for Children, a large well-established private practice in Adelaide. Dino describes the early days of his business, the horrendous hours, not being quite available for family and fun and how he turned it all around.

Dino shares all, including how he spent 12 months systematising every aspect of his business so he and his family could take a three month holiday without his practice missing a beat. OT for Children have a large admin and clinical team, the senior management team are organised, proactive and accountable. Dino’s passion, energy and commitment flavour this conversation.

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We also talk about:
  • Clinical excellence and innovation in private practice
  • Service delivery, customer service and the challenges involved
  • The importance of investment in self
  • Team and business growth
  • NDIS and the impact on his business – being in Adelaide we went into depth on this one
  • Insights into management of teams

Thank you for the honesty with which you share your personal and business journey and all on 5 hours sleep a night!


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