Ep.10 Adult Therapist to Paediatric Practice Entrepreneurial Extraordinaire with Fran Nicholson

My guest this week is the incredibly entrepreneurial Fran Nicholson, Director of Sensational Kids. Fran is a mother, mentor, innovator and management expert and has seen huge success in her practice. However, Fran did not start out in pediatrics.

Fran was introduced to pediatrics by a friend and former owner of Sensational Kids. With his encouragement and training Fran made the transition, bought into the business 6 months later and took over the business solely in 2012. Sensation Kids has such an interesting history including being one of the first Australian practices to introduce the DIR Floortime model back in 2007.

Fran’s passion, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit is certainly a breath of fresh air within our industry.

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We also got to talking about:
  • Her expanding team and specialties – the importance of a diverse support team
  • How to team around the child effectively – meet, discuss and debrief as a matter of importance
  • Coordinating teams across 2 centers – how to manage and keep the team on track
  • Her very careful hiring process and how important it is to recognize people’s strengths and the satisfaction they get from their work
  • The secret to delegation – the systems and processes that she has in place and how they integrate their core values into these
  • Flexibility and how being flexible allows her team to make decisions for themselves around charging for patient services
  • NDIS – her excitement and thoughts on how this effects businesses and families
  • What’s unique about Sensational Kids and how this has people travelling distances to engage their services
  • The innovative culture and how this is fueling their new group programs for children
  • Management, mother, mentor, entrepreneur – how she structures her week to accommodate all her different hats
  • We discuss our favorite books and podcasts
  • Her Wishlist – it’s on the wall and updated weekly by herself and her team!
  • Clinic wear & tear – what she does for to keep up with the upkeep
  • Her very interesting question for me…


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