Hootan Mohseni Interview – Engaging with your Clients in an Efficient and Tech Savvy Way

There are so many things that team members need to be able to do in your clinic. One of the most important is providing great customer service to clients. But did you know that it is possible for us to automate the mundane, day-to-day tasks that can take up so much time when we do it manually?

Hootan Mohseni founding director of Cliniq Apps shares with us valuable information about Cliniq Apps. Cliniq Apps is an easy and effective way to free up your team to be able to do higher value tasks – from appointments, confirmations, reminders, and many more. He also tells us about the benefits of automation, how to start with Cliniq Apps, its best features and plans for the business.

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Episode highlights:

  • A background on Cliniq Apps.
  • The benefits of automating tasks in a business.
  • Fears and feedback around automation.
  • Starting with Cliniq Apps.
  • The great things about the customer satisfaction survey in their system.
  • Gauging your team’s performance through Cliniq Apps.
  • How Cliniq Apps automates and fills people’s calendars.
  • Hootan tells us more about the customisable app for clients that can be built within Cliniq App.
  • The future of using personalised apps in health businesses.
  • The power of Cliniq Apps and what it can do.
  • Current features of Cliniq Apps and planned releases.

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Hootan Mohseni

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