Emma Small Interview – Manual Handling In The Allied Health Sector

The allied health sector is all about caring, but often it’s the health of the caregivers themselves that’s overlooked or not handled as well.

In this episode I chat with Emma Small, an “entrepreneurial Occupational Therapist and co-founder of NSW-based company, Risk Managed.

Emma’s background is in working with people with disabilities and care organisations. After a number of years rehabilitating injured workers, she founded Risk Management with her business partner, Aideen Gallagher.

The company works with disability care organisations, consulting on health and safety and providing training to help keep support workers injury free so they can continue to provide quality care.

Her second time running a business means the “serial entrepreneur” has learned many valuable lessons. She has also gone on to write a book, Handle With Care: how to avoid injuries, reduce costs and become a provider of choice, coming soon.

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Episode highlights:

  • Emma’s business background – working for herself
  • Being a “serial entrepreneur” – starting a new business for the second time and getting it right
  • Emma’s new business, Risk Managed
  • What it’s like working with a business partner and why Emma chose that the second time around
  • What Risk Managed is working towards – developing its services like training packages and packages aimed specifically at allied health professionals
  • Working with staff vs working alone
  • Finding the right staff – the importance of value
  • Emma’s time spent mentoring – offering casual work
  • Who’s on the Risk Managed team? Several Virtual Assistants, a full-full-time OT and a casual OT
  • How Emma found her Virtual Assistants – using Upwork to find the right fit
  • The benefits of using Upwork as a start-up business
  • A bit on Aideen’s book, The Manual Handling Revolution: How Health Professionals Can Achieve Creative Solutions for People with Disabilities and Their Caregivers  
  • What Emma’s learned from writing her book, Handle With Care: how to avoid injuries, reduce costs and become a provider of choice
  • Business 2.0. – The opportunities that come from writing a book
  • What Emma’s business has taught her – celebrate the small wins
  • Being a bold female business owner





Emma Small

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