Emily Hayles Interview – Scale Your Business Faster While Reclaiming Your Precious Time For What Matters Most

In this episode of the Private Practice Made Perfect Podcast, be inspired about running and scaling your private practice while having enough time for family and the things that matter the most.

Be inspired by Emily Hayles’ story, a Physio who founded Move and Play Pediatric Therapy in Australia in 2015. Learn how she grew her private practice and her team while managing to have a 3-day work week as a business owner.

Move and Play Pediatric Therapy is the leading children’s therapy service in the Mackay region. They specialise in providing high-quality physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for children of all ages including babies and infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults

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Episode Highlights:

  • Emily’s story of how she started her private practice.
  • Her initial thoughts on starting her own private practice and being self-employed.
  • The situation of her business in the first year.
  • Bringing in another physio to be her teammate in the business.
  • The setup of her team 4 years into the business.
  • How she started her team-facing strategy in the business.
  • Building her remote team and hiring a virtual assistant.
  • Tips to create a bond between team members and making them feel part of the team.
  • A glimpse into her 3-day work week schedule.
  • Emily tells us more about her upcoming book.
  • The program that inspired her to have 3-day work weeks to have more time for people and things that matter the most.
  • Valuable lessons that she has gotten from running her private practice.
  • A description of her high-performing team.
  • The idea of building a leadership team in her business.
  • The amazing thing about working with her and working in her business.
  • Future plans for Move and Play Pediatric Therapy.
  • Thoughts on the NDIS.
  • Her inspiration for writing her book.
  • Her plans for the business if she won $50,000.
  • Cathy answers Emily’s question about how to figure out how big you want to go in terms of your practice.
Emily Hayles

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