Embracing Technology for your Sanity and your Business Success

Embracing technology in business is something that may save your sanity and give you better business success; but many business owners still brush-off this idea because of the problems and experiences they’ve had about IT. Today, I share my knowledge and thinking about this key tool that may help your business grow and run to its full potential.

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Embracing technology in business is something that may save your sanity and give you better business success; but many business owners still brush-off this idea because of the problems and experiences they’ve had about IT. Today, I share my knowledge and thinking about this key tool that may help your business grow and run to its full potential.

Seeing technology as an investment

I am a huge fan of technology and have invested in it for both my private practice and business coaching practice. That’s around 15 or 16 years of bringing value to my time, productivity and business outcome. It has definitely made a positive difference to me as a business owner, my team, and my clients.
Many business owners often think about the problems they may encounter before even considering the vast amount of positive benefits that technology can bring to their business. My goal is to make you understand why taking the leap to becoming a tech-loving practice is essential to your business today and beyond.

Problems with the approach of Allied Business Health Owners to Technology

Having the experience of working with hundreds of allied business health owners, I know for a fact that they have quite a few hesitations with regard to approaching technology, especially when it comes to investing in it for their businesses. Some of their reasons include often seeing technology as an expense rather than an investment; not utilizing hardware, software and technology to its full capacity and therefore, not getting the maximum value out of their investment; and not optimizing the practice management softwares, marketing softwares (sales funnels or lead generating softwares), accounting softwares, and other softwares they have.

IT is also, more often than not, taken for granted. It is expected to work day in, day out without glitches or bumps. Until one day it breaks and you, your team and your business can’t function as it should because systems aren’t working properly or something has expired.

3 Things that you need to succeed:

  1. Have an IT Plan
    Document everything that concerns IT including hardwares, softwares, subscriptions and memberships.
    PRO TIP: My team and I ran a full order of all our memberships and subscriptions to different software packages which enabled us to discern the value of each to our business. This has allowed us to strategically quit from certain products that were not being fully utilized.
  2. Have a Maintenance Schedule
    A maintenance schedule for your hardware or software is essential to know that they are up to date and working smoothly.
  3. Have an IT Team
    An IT team is an integral part of your IT Plan. This team sits down with you and makes sure that updates, general maintenance, anti-virus, safety cyber security measures are done; products are run; and systems are maintained and up-to-date.

Benefits and opportunities that Technology can do for us and for our business

Going Paperless

It’s totally possible for your beautiful, unique private practice to become paperless. With the help of technology, more and more practices have used very minimal paper in terms of their interactions and services they provide. This includes those who work with children and families. Imagine what your private practice could look like in the future without paper.

Vast amount of data available at your fingertips
Great IT softwares gives us a central place to store all our client and business data and share it safely with people across the team. Think about how we can manage all kinds of available data with the press of a button. Sharing data with clients will most likely be a possibility in the future, too.

Better Marketing
Marketing activities such as design work and automation in many marketing activities that use video and audio can be greatly supplemented by technology. It can provide a remarkable multimedia automated marketing experience to both our target ideal clients and referrers.

Smoother Workflows
Workflows for the business owner and the team can be smoother and faster. For example, with data readily available to you and your team, extra reports can be made to help you, as the business owner, make better data informed business decisions.

In the Private Practice Virtual Conference happening on May 31st 2019, Joe Friedlaender, the Founding Owner of Clinico, will talk about how to use and how to get great reports out of your practice management software – not just Clinico, but any project management software to get you to a place of making data driven decisions using it.

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is now being widely used by so many businesses, not just in allied health, but in across all industries – using it for team, finance, marketing and client meetings. I personally use Zoom for each of these examples in my business. It has taken over my life to the extent that we even have family meetings on Zoom with family all over the world.

Telehealth and Teletherapy is most likely going to be a significant part of how we deliver our services in the years to come. Love it, like it or loathe it – but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be sooner rather than later.

Wearable Technology
Some allied health businesses are using wearable technology already and pulling metrics from that. Imagine having all of that data direct from clients to be able to bring in to great clinical and business decisions to support your client and work.

The actions you can take towards a more confident and leveraged tech future in your private practice

Do an Audit
My top tip is to do an audit and list down your hardware, software, memberships of software products, and how humans in your business are interacting with the software and hardware. Remember, all the tech in the world is only going to be as the wonderful, brilliant humans who use it. So it is imperative that the human technology interface is mapped and managed.
Implement an IT SWOT Analysis

Somewhere in my blogs, I’ve talked about the SWOT approach to give a quick birds eye snapshot. This might help you work towards building an IT strategic plan so that you know what your IT future is going to look like. I would suggest to make it short term because it’s all changing so fast. This will also give you a systematic way of implementing changes towards that IT future you have defined. It will help bring down the micro moments when you’re writing policies and procedures about technology as well as understand the coaching and training your team will need to step in this IT enhanced future.

I suggest you read about tehnology and innovation outside of the allied health industry and you will be quite amazed at what’s happening in so many different fields and industries.

The benefits and results of having technology in your business

I want to share with you what I’ve witnessed first hand in my private practice, what I’m currently witnessing in my business coaching practice, and what I’m hearing from other private practice owners. Having an assertive technology plan gives you efficiency, effectiveness which rolls into happy business owners, team members and clients. I’m a big fan of reclaiming happy in private practice right now.

It can save you Time

One of the outcomes of getting savvy with technology and maxing it out as such saves time – time from shuffling around in spreadsheets, drowning in post-it notes, manually written journals to name a few. Your hardware and software can save you time in so many ways and so many levels.
As you do your IT audit, you’ll be able to see where you are potentially hemmoraging time. IT and human use of IT could plug that gap.

It can strengthen your policies and procedures

Yes, it can strengthen your policies and procedures or you may possibly re-imagine it particularly if you’re bringing in better communication with your team by having team collaborations to get projects done or with your clients to be able to connect with them on a more regular but still authentic basis.

It can lift quality management, growth mindset, thoughts and management about continuous improvement across your business
It can make the business owners’ and the team’s workflows visible

This is one of the fastest steps to productivity and getting things done. When everyone can see what’s in flow, what their next tasks are, and when things are due by, it creates responsibility and accountability in the team. It is also great from a management point of view to see what is scheduled when.

It can improve the communication between team members

Are you constantly bombarded with unread emails in your inbox? These could all be appearing in a more chatty, conversational type of place and we use Asana for this. For task and project management we use Trello. And for social media content management, we use Slack and Voxer to exchange messages. It’s a magical way to cut down email traffic.

It can save you money
Your commitment to a sold tech plan can save you money in terms of time, preventing things going wrong, productivity, more quality time spent for yourself or with your family, getting sleeker with delivering services to clients, and even saving clients money as well if you have efficiencies running around the place.

Think about your future with technology

I’m hoping this is starting to get you thinking about technology being an investment that has so many upsides for your business but you might need to read on it and seek help.

Customers will be expecting better customer experience in the future by way of service delivery. As business owners, we can actually serve, provide and exceed our customer outcomes.

For me, there is that enormous, looming, quite magical e-health future that many of us haven’t even imagined and thought about yet. I am pretty certain that this e-health future is rolling into town very soon. We have already seen this with MyHealth Records and the interesting debate over that. It will be interesting to see how it will roll out and impact allied health business way before we think the whole referral system could be quite different in regards to Medicare referrals. We anticipate that there will be an e-marketplace where all referrals will happen electronically between medical health and private allied health system. And nobody knows this space better than Yani Sepanos, the Founding CEO of Coreplus.

I’m so excited to say that Yani will be a speaker at the Private Practice Conference where he will be speaking about the latest on this. He lives this and describes himself as a techpreneur. He brings this knowledge right down into Coreplus, the practice management software.

This talk will give us a chance to future proof our business, get tech happy, implement a strategic plan, and prepare our thinking and mindset to commit ourselves to the opportunities and embrace them for ourselves, our team and our clients.



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