Strategies for Effective Team Retention in Your Business

As this crazy year rounds itself up, it’s time to start looking at strategies for effective team retention in your business.

Well, I’m sure there are plenty of things you’re looking forward to doing to finish off 2020.

But why should Intentional Retention be at the top of your list?

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It’s become pretty clear that team retention is a hot topic after speaking to many allied health business owners over the past several months. I’ve been hearing a lot about unsettled teams and things becoming a little unglued.

“What can I do to keep them onboard?” “What am I doing wrong?”

If you’ve found yourself struggling with finding powerful strategies for effective team retention, then this week’s episode of the PPMP Podcast is here to help.

I dive into all-things team retention, including the common trends and problems I’ve noticed when speaking to many other team leaders.

Team retention is about looking at things in a strategic and intentional manner as well, rather than just in a hopeful kind of way.

And that’s exactly where the term “Intentional Retention” comes into play in this week’s episode.

Intentional Retention means that you are striving towards retention in a purposeful and strategic way. Get rid of the “I hope they like me” talk and the “fingers-crossed” attitude.

Instead, think about what it’s going to take for your retention strategy to shift from hopeful to know-ful (there’s a brand-new word you can add to your business dictionary).

Let’s get thinking: What can you be doing sooner rather than later to retain the people in your team?

Cathy Love

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