Dino Mennillo – Creating a Safe, Secure and Respectful Environment for Children Who Undergo Therapy

Occupational Therapy services are evolving now more than ever. And in today’s episode, I am joined by Dino Mennillo, an Occupational Therapist, Co-Founder and Director of Occupational Therapy for Children. He tells us the story of how their business evolved 15 years later to build a new practice that provides support for children, most especially teens.

Occupation Therapy for Children provides support to teens with ASD, depression and the like by offering one-of-a-kind therapy services. The standards that make them stand out from the rest is that they’ve built a business and a space that caters to the physical and mental needs of these teens while giving them the support and respect they need as individuals.

Their business offers services such as building life and social skills. They help children increase their capacity around their goals and make them more functional by offering different activities for teens that spark their interest.

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Episode highlights:

  • The new business model of Occupational Therapy for Children.
  • The occupational therapy services they offer
  • The environment of OTC and an overview of what the kids are doing.
  • The response of the teens on the space and the support they feel.
  • How Dino’s background in mental health has been invaluable in their practice.
  • Background on their team, how it grew and how they started outsourcing staff.
  • The mindset ceiling for many business owners that hinder them from undergoing a shift and process of trusting and delegating work.
  • The engagement of teens and carers as idea contributors in the development of their business and strategic plans.
  • Their plans to keep consumer feedback as part of their business evolution.
  • Cathy’s thoughts on the landscape of private practice in 5 years time.
  • The role of NDIS in making it easier or harder for health professionals to enter private practice.
  • The possibilities that may happen when NDIS is implemented.
  • Cathy gives sample figures on the charges made by private practices.
  • The things that Cathy likes to do for fun.
Dino Mennillo

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