Critical Thinking: Why Owners Need it to Run their Business

In this episode of the PPMP Podcast, I talk about critical thinking and why you need it in your business. I’ll be drawing on the incredible wisdom of Mr. Keith Cunningham and his book The Road Less Stupid.

Critical thinking is a very strong and important concept that I’ve brought into my business. It is also one that I highly suggest to many business owners I work with. We’ll be talking about why you need it, how to develop it and make it a habit. I invite you to listen in and learn more to help develop and grow your business.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Typical challenges that owners experience in their businesses.
  • The power of “Stop starting and start finishing.”
  • Critical thinking as taught in university versus what you need in business.
  • What it takes to run a business and lead a team.
  • The importance of having the ability to ask great questions.
  • Exploring the flow of the consequences in your business thinking.
  • What should your critical thinking time look like?
  • My challenge for you: bring critical thinking into your week

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Cathy Love

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