Creating More Time and Flexibility in Life and Business


If we choose to see the good, we will always see silver linings despite the circumstances. This is what Stephanie Schlencker has proven to us in running her business Spread the Word Services and current side hustle. You see, COVID did not stop this go getter from pursuing her goals. Aside from running her clinic, she extended her services to her home office, and has also started a side hustle delivering PODD services to other speech pathologists like her. The impact that her business and new home office has made in her professional and personal life has been so positive and she generously shares this with us in today’s PPMP podcast episode.

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Episode highlights:

  • Stephanie tells us more about what she’s been busy with in 2020.
  • Current people in her awesome team.
  • Having time and choice flexibility despite and because of the business.
  • Silver linings of COVID-19.
  • The impact her new home office has made for her personal and professional life.
  • Delivering PODD services to other speech pathologists.
  • How she entered the world of PODD services.
  • Developing her new website.
  • Things she has learned about her business in writing her new website.
  • Stephanie’s plans for the next 12 months

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Stephanie Schlencker

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