Emily Lively Interview – Creating a Passion-led Business to Sustain and Maintain Your Growth

Running a successful business isn’t a walk in the park and doesn’t happen overnight. For Emily Lively, Founding Director of Lively Eaters, it has taken her over 10 years for her to get to where she is today.

In episode 139 of the PPMP Podcast, Emily tells us the story of her business journey. We talk about her experience with the NDIS, changing their business model, leading her team, working on her side-hustle, and so much more

Emily is a model of how passion and perseverance go together so well. There’s a lot to learn from her and I’m so delighted to be sharing this conversation with you today.

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Episode highlights:

  • The highlights of the last 10 years of her business journey.
  • Biggest change points in her business.
  • Handling employees and contractors in her company.
  • The story behind changing their business model.
  • Being the director of her own business.
  • Brilliant things her team does.
  • Things she has done to create her team from a leadership point of view
  • Working on her side hustle.
  • Emily talks about their product.
  • Sharing her business thinking and approach to what she does.
  • A peek into the Whole and Lively Eaters strategy board for the next 2 years.
  • Their involvement with the NDIS.
  • Biggest changes she has seen in the last 6.5 years.
  • The NDIS and how it supports their clients.
  • Changes that she hopes to see the NDIS lines up for therapeutic support.
  • The things she is most proud of doing in her business.
  • Words of wisdom from Emily for allied health business owners

Useful Links:

Lively Eaters Website
Whole Enteral Nourishment Website
Whole Enteral Nourishment Facebook

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown
The First 2 hours – Donna McGeorge
Donna McGeorge on the PPMP Podcast: Approaching Work & Life 2 Hours at a Time

Emily Lively

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