Danny Hui Interview – Connecting Care Teams In The Disability Sector

Danny Hui - Founding Director of sameview

Navigating the disability sector is challenging at the best of times but having a care team that is connected and on the same page is giving families and allied health providers the ‘confidence to thrive’.

Danny Hui, Founding Director of sameview, a digital platform designed to help address the problem of disability care coordination. The app works by bringing the care team together – doctors, care workers, therapists, educators, family members etc. Using the app, users and providers can track and share goals and events and keep the team up-to-date to enable effective collaboration.

Prior to starting the business, Danny worked in the utilities industry and has a background in engineering. The idea for the app came from his own experience with the stresses of managing a loved one’s care.

Last time we spoke, Danny was in the middle of an accelerator program with Optus, which he ended up winning. Fast forward 10 months and the app has officially been launched, with many users and allied health professionals enjoying its benefits.

In this episode we chat about the development of the app, feedback from users, NDIS and what success looks like to Danny.

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Topics covered in this episode:

  • Winning the Optus Future Makers accelerator program
  • Building a market-release version of its product using generous funding
  • Danny’s background in engineering
  • Upgrading the platform to engage and reward its users
  • How the app works – social media-type interface, creating a profile, inviting the team
  • Feedback from allied health professionals – creating an efficient platform for allied health professionals
  • Launched in Brisbane – week-on-week growth ever since
  • Seeing growth from educators, mobile therapists and support workers and family members
  • Breaking into the medical sector – working to gain traction with paediatricians and hospitals
  • How the platform is working for families – an opportunity for self-managing (NDIS)  families
  • Danny’s work to measure results to prove the platform’s value
  • Keeping the app open for NDIS goal setting – the ability to customise goals
  • What can be uploaded to sameview – photos, documents
  • Co-designing based on users’ feedback
  • 2019 plans – University research project
  • What does success look like to sameview?
  • Building special features for providers – plan reviews
  • All the information needed for allied health professionals – www.sameview.com.au
  • Online community on Facebook – feedback, communicating about goal setting and teams
  • A platform for users of all ages – built for everybody who needs care
  • Danny’s NDIS plan for his son, Monty
  • Working with allied health professionals to solve the issue


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