Adjusting as a Business Owner & Changing the NDIS

If you could change anything about the NDIS right now, what would it be?

This week’s guest on the PPMP Podcast is none other than Kerri Weaver – Owner of Eyes and Independence and Educational Disability Specialist.

Kerri shares some great insights this week about being an allied health business owner – challenges and all. You’ll hear Kerri open up about losing her original role due to government cuts, as well as how that experience gave her the drive and motivation to start her own business.

She shares what she first learnt about business as a whole in the first few years as a business owner, which included plenty of getting used to socials and website navigation. Her experience with networking and admin are also two important pieces for every business owner, particularly those just starting out. 

Kerri also discusses her experience knowing when to take a step back from the business – a friendly reminder for all business owners that taking time for yourself is part of the job. 

Where a lot of you will probably also relate in this episode is Kerri’s thoughts on the NDIS – there’s no holding back here. She gets right into how she would change it up, including what she’d do if she was the boss of the price guide.

Don’t forget to listen to the end of the episode for Kerri’s insights on what she wants to achieve for her business in the next 12 months – something we should all set out to do once in a while to get clear on our long-term goals.

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Kerri Weaver

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