Challenging Yourself and Taking Risks In Business


Challenging yourself and taking risks in business may seem like a foreign concept. It’s a scary thought, one that we aren’t accustomed to since taking the easy road is…well…easy.

But is “easy” allowing you to achieve the outcomes you want and need as a business owner?

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Stories like Holly Puckering’s are what many of us need in a time like this. COVID-19 has stripped away our plans, shifted the way we deliver services, and changed life as we know it in general.

Holly is the Director of Mouth Works Therapy Centre in Tasmania. Her business has grown exponentially in the past two years, a lot of that even during the pandemic.

Through taking some risks and challenging herself, Mouth Works has expanded both physically and financially. 

With so many of us struggling through these times, it’s motivating to hear Holly’s journey. From her practice’s agility to adapt to COVID, to reimagining clinical pathways to clients, Holly tells-all in the latest PPMP Podcast episode.

Take risks and do it knowing your own reservations…knowing why you’re feeling those reservations.

Now, I’m sure many of you are flooded with the thought of COVID when it comes to even so much as thinking about challenging yourselves and taking risks. “Isn’t COVID unpredictable enough as it is?”

But that’s exactly why Holly’s story is so inspiring. In her own words: “Even if we’re not getting it right, we are rising to the challenge.”

Holly asks us to challenge yourself on the reasons why you’re putting things on hold. 

What core values are you holding onto that are stopping you from really pushing what you’re doing into new domains?

Holly Puckering

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