Business Journeys, Mentors & Learning Along the Way

It’s time to switch things up! This week’s episode is flipped on its head with an interview with Cathy Love. Nataleigh Elzein, our very own Marketing Coordinator at Nacre, is here to help you get to know a little more about Nacre’s Founding Director.

Nataleigh gets right into quizzing Cathy about her career journey, starting way-back-when as a kid when she would sell bookmarks, organise play shops, craft stalls, and pocket money negotiations. It’s clear that Cathy’s had that entrepreneurial zest well before she started her own business.

You’ll get some wonderful insights into Cathy’s life.

Discussion points include where Cathy got her first crumb of inspiration, how she got into allied health, and key differences she found between running her own private practice and now Nacre Consulting. You’ll also hear insights into how she supports team members, three things that can help you get out of a rut, and what success looks like to her.

A running theme that certainly stands out in this episode is the notion of mentors, and extending on from that, never being afraid to get help from others no matter where you are in your career.

You’ll hear Cathy open up about her experience reaching out to mentors, as well as Nataleigh share how Cathy represents that mentor role for her own business ventures.

To finish it off, you won’t want to miss Cathy’s goals for 2022.

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