From Clinician to Business Owner – Building Your Story


Making the shift from clinician to business owner is a massive step for anyone. 

For Lydelle Joseph, Director and Speech Pathologist at Connecting Dots for Kids, becoming business-facing is just one part of her incredible story. 

Her business journey is inspiring to hear, from battling with imposter syndrome, to trading and expanding during COVID, to seeing her leadership skills evolve more than ever before. 

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It’s motivating hearing her journey on the latest episode of PPMP. She walks us through her first few years building the business, all the way to navigating the pandemic. You’ll also hear some amazing insights on evolving leadership skills, as well as how brand colouring can be utilised to tell your story.

Listening to Lydelle brings about the perfect occasion to take a step back in time. It’s an interesting opportunity to whip out your notebook and favourite pen and reflect on your humble beginnings.

What did you think it was going to be like when you were starting your business? What were your goals or values at that time?

Your business journey is what makes you who you are today. It’s important to take time out of your busy year to look back on how you and your business have developed over time.

If you’re in the growing pain phase of shifting from clinician to business owner, get a solid plan in place. Set certain targets for both in-office and outside of work hours so that you’re not doing a sort of double-job dilemma.

What can you be doing to get more of the business activity and leader management done during daylight?

Lydelle Joseph

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