Building a Thriving Family-Centered Practice

In this episode of the PPMP Podcast, I’ve invited the founding directors of Red Frog for Families – Rochelle and David Appleby. It was such an interesting conversation where we talked about their family-centered business.

It’s so refreshing to see practices like theirs, giving importance to teams, relationships and culture. It’s really an important factor to how their business and team thrives. Join us as we reminisce on their early days, revisit their growth and talk about their future plans for their practice clinic.

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Episode Highlights:

  • An overview on the Red Frog for Families clinic. 
  • Their current team at the practice.
  • Maintaining the vibrant culture in their team through retreats and other activities.
  • How the business started and grew while holding on to their core values.
  • The early days of the Red Frog business and team.
  • Building systems into their business.
  • Talking about their practice management system – Swamp.
  • Their learnings on business knowledge through the years.
  • The Appleby’s share about their Frog-free days. 
  • Future plans for Red Frog for Families.
  • Sharing gold nuggets for businesses in the early years of business.
  • Things they’re doing brilliantly at the moment.

Useful Links:

Private Practice Conference 2020: Accelerating Business Prosperity

Red Frog for Families Website


Rochelle and David Appleby

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