Darren Finkelstein Interview – Bringing Accountability Into Your Life and Business

As business owners, we need to do so many things, be there for so many people that we get overwhelmed and forget to prioritise what really matters. This is where an accountability coach can help us out… but what is an accountability coach and why do you need one?

In this episode of the PPMP podcast, Darren Finkelstein, my personal accountability coach and the principal consultant at Tick Those Boxes, will help us understand what accountability is and its benefits, what an accountability coach is, the top 7 reasons why we don’t get things done, and so much more. If you are an overwhelmed business owner needing help in prioritisation, this episode is for you.

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Episode highlights:

  • What is an accountability coach.
  • First things accountability coaches help with business owners with.
  • Mapping prioritisation in business.
  • Darren’s process of making to do lists with sticky notes.
  • Focusing and setting up on what we plan to achieve.
  • How Darren gets himself through the day and makes himself successful.
  • Investing in developing the habit of working the list. 
  • Top 7 reasons why people don’t get things done.
  • How Darren works with people.

Useful Links:

Tick Those Boxes Website

Super To-Do List

Top 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Things Done

Darren Finkelstein

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