Shane and Angelina Saunders Interview – Breathing your Way to a Better Life and Business

Finding balance in life amidst stressful and hectic days at home and work is just one of the major problems people encounter today. So, how do you manage your energy through it all?

Shane and Angelina Saunders are about to blow your mind in this episode as we talk about their expertise in helping professionals cultivate their energy to increase productivity in the workplace and raise their bottom line both personally and professionally through breathing…Yes, breathing!

Achieve more and transform your mindset and health by managing your energy. Discover the power of breath and how it can make your life, work and relationships better than ever before.

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Episode highlights:

  • Shane and Angelina introduce themselves, what they do, and how they got into it.
  • Lifting yourself up through breathing.
  • Common breathing techniques and the effects it can give you throughout the day.
  • The importance of practising breathing techniques and managing energy is for business owners.
  • Their personal experience and learnings on “leading yourself first before leading your team.”
  • Changes that breath and energy work have gone through over the years.
  • Creating a great morning routine that works for you.
  • The effect of routines and lights on your energy.
  • Learning more and getting started with Shane and Angelina’s programs and breathing stuff.
  • Parting words for fatigued business owners.

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Shane and Angelina Saunders

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