Better Understanding The Role of Allied Health Assistants

Many allied health professionals don’t know about this secret resource..but I’m pleased to say that it is now the prime focus for this week’s new PPMP episode.

Ben Turnbull is my special guest this time around. He is a committee member of the Allied Health Assistant Network Australia (A.H.A.N.A for short), which is that secret resource I’m so excited to share with you all.

A.H.A.N.A is a national network for Allied Health Assistants (AHAs). It is designed to support them to improve the output, quality, and efficiency of allied health professionals, and services provided publicly and privately.

Being an AHA is an old, established profession, but it is still finding its feet. It’s certainly an exciting career pathway for many people, which is why A.H.A.N.A is such an important platform to help connect AHA’s with relevant resources and information.

This then helps them work independently or with an allied health professional, who can then connect with A.H.A.N.A, so they can assist them to better support AHA’s in their workplace.

We cover a vast amount of territory on the AHA topic. You’ll hear Ben’s thoughts on where it’s going as a profession, current latest-and-greatest formal training and whether it’s changing, the differences between a support worker and AHA, and trends that Ben is seeing about AHA’s going off alone and setting up their own businesses.

We also discuss the changes Ben has seen in the last five years, as well as his visions for where the A.H.A.N.A network is going in the future.

If you are hesitant about AHA’s and their role, listen to the episode to hear Ben break down any common pain points. You also don’t want to miss his pro-tips on where to find AHA’s and recruit them.

Head to the website to explore more about A.H.A.N.A, including a job opportunity section.

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Ben Turnbull

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