How to Approach Audits with more Confidence

Audits, audits, audits. Back in 2018, I remember the topic of auditing getting some huge heat. What is it? How does it work? How much will it cost? Will I cry? What difference will it make?

From the time it takes to prepare an audit, to having the right clearances and police checks, the subject of auditing can take its toll on some.

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That’s why it’s such a pleasure to have Susan Hawkins on the PPMP Podcast this week. As the Founding Director of PQplus, Susan and her team create practical and cost-effective solutions that help providers get the most from managing their NDIS compliance obligations. 

Essentially, it’s all about approaching audits with more confidence, and handling them with less stress. Like music to most of your ears, am I right?

There is much covered in this episode with Susan, from her insights on emerging themes from businesses who have completed an NDIS audit, to how to get your team onboard with Quality Management.

Susan demystifies quite a few things in the (typically) daunting world of audits, but one of the most prevalent is the difference between compliance and quality management systems. If that’s something you’ve found challenging, this episode is more than worth listening to, as Susan shines a light on the confusion.

Another gold nugget you’ll discover in the episode is the importance of maintaining momentum between audits.

Susan does more of her demystifying magic on this one, giving us insights into what auditors generally look for, as well as what should really be happening in between each audit.

Have you thought about how you can make sure that momentum continues in readiness for the next check up?

Susan Hawkins

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