Amplifying Your Allied Health Leadership Skills

Over the years, I’ve met and worked with many allied health business owners who are amazing managers. What I mean by this is they are good at the operational day-to-day stuff. 

However, they lose staff, gain staff and have plenty of challenges on the team leadership side of things, and so their business is compromised. 

That’s where it would pay to be a leader, rather than a manager. Management and leadership require a very different skill set, so today I want to talk about amplifying your leadership skills to get the most from your team and your business.

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Episode highlights:

  • What is the definition of leadership? Two different definitions to think about
  • What is your personal definition of leadership? Think about what it means to you
  • The difference between being a manager and being a leader
  • Developing your leadership confidence and capability – three main accelerators
  • Core confidence – the ability to listen to complaints and criticism and embrace them
  • Optimistic culture – what is your business culture and what does it say about your business?
  • Intentional communications – how do your communications look in-house and on the outside world?
  • Extra resources to build your business intelligence – Travis Bradbury, Simon Sinek, David Rock, Brené Brown and Jim Collins.

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Simon Sinek

Cathy Love

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