Accelerating Leadership Skills & Confidence from Clinician to CEO

How would your team members describe you as a leader?

This week we’re focusing on all-things leadership, with Kathryn Torney joining me for this wonderful episode.

Kathryn is on track to CEO of her amazing business, Sensational Healing Occupational Therapy, up in Queensland.

What a treat to hear Kathryn’s journey from clinician to CEO, learning how she balanced managing rapid business growth and developing her own new leadership team along the way.

From how she set up her leadership team for success, to sharing how she built up her customer service team, this episode is packed with golden insights that any and every business owner can learn from.

What stands out the most in our conversation, though, is her experience accelerating her own leadership skills and boosting confidence. No matter where you are in your own leadership journey, you should always be wanting to constantly improve and grow.

You’ll discover her best tips and tactics around the repositioning and messaging of making the move from clinician to CEO, helping her team transition. 

She gives insight into finding her comfort zone, the importance of investing time into supporting relationships, and what she would have done differently. We also discuss her Wealth Dynamic Profile, and how that comes into play for her role.

And if you’re a business owner tuning in, wondering whether to stay small or go big, you won’t want to miss Kathryn’s advice. Hint: Don’t be afraid to look within.


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Kathryn Torney

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