A Retreat Towards Business Brilliance

Very exciting news coming to you on our podcast today! We are doing something different this 2020. As you all know, we are known for our virtual conferences which we have done over the past years. But this year, we are doing a retreat. Yes, you heard that right! A 2-day Private Practice Retreat on June 12 and 13 in the beautiful Kingscliff NSW at Mantra on Salt Beach.

The private practice business retreat is all ready to launch and early bird tickets are now available as we speak. This is a very small intimate workshop work-together retreat environment that will help you get shifting towards business brilliance.

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Episode highlights:

  • The reason why we are doing a retreat.
  • The retreat location.
  • Benefits of stepping out from a business to a resort environment.
  • Who this retreat is made for.
  • My co-facilitator on the 2-day private practice business retreat
  • Core topics we are discussing.

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Cathy Love

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