A Passion and Heart for Helping Families and Teachers through Therapy Programs

In this episode of the PPMP Podcast, Marga Grey, Occupational Therapist and CEO of CoordiKids joined me as we talked about her journey from starting her own private practice to writing programs and books with the hope of helping kids all over the world.

Marga also touched on the importance of time with family and how she juggles life being a working mum. She also shared what she has done to improve the business, help her clients, and give them the best care possible. She has a heart for her business and clients. Listening to this interview will leave you in awe of what she has accomplished for her private practice and for the clients she serves.

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Episode highlights:

  • The story of where and when Marga started her private practice.
  • Her experience on the first 2 years of building her practice.
  • Managing her personal and professional life.
  • A peek at how she manages time through the week
  • Her journey and transition from South Africa to Australia
  • Her reason for starting her business, the thinking behind it, the things she has learnt and the next developmental steps for CoordiKids.
  • Being motivated by business plans and strategies.
  • The best thing she is most proud of about her business.
  • Things she would do if she magically had 50,000 dollars business wise.
  • Her dreams of expansion for her business.
  • Writing her books and finding out her writing process.
  • Maintaining her blog.
  • The changes that private practice in Australia has seen in the last few years.
  • Advice form Marga.

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Marga Grey

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