Your online presence should be generating new customers

I recently engaged an agency to provide me with a quick and succinct 360 degree review of my online presence. Currently business thinking highlights the critical role that the business website and social media play in both your professional profile and guiding clients towards your services.

I have always taken my online presence pretty seriously and enjoyed tweaking the website and keeping various social media platforms active. I was curious to find out how well I was doing and what else I should be doing. Secretly I was quite optimistic, I really did think that I would get a decent score. Maybe.

The agency’s review was quick and thorough. My website presentation, content and layout was reviewed, along with social media integration, blogs, downloads and so on. A critical eye was cast over my Linked In profile, content, the summary and memberships of various groups. Further views were taken across my business Twitter, business Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest set ups. Advertising campaigns were checked as was general search presence. 50 critical factors were checked and rated. The feedback was going to be great.

The entire process was fabulous. I soon had the analysis, my score and a very digestible summary report. Ah ha, so some aspects of my web presence were in fact quite ok, but there was plenty of room for improvement. At this point it is important to remember that the purpose of having a strong web presence is to bring interest and potential clients towards you. It is way more than ‘being good at social media” it is about being good at business because of social media.

It was now clear where my low scores were and what I needed to do about it. We have a plan and we are working on it. I am learning fast and enjoying the process of bumping up my web presence. My blogs now have social sharing features to make it easy for readers to share information across their own networks. It is now much easier to sign up for blogs and newsletters. The search continues for new images that best reflect the coaching and consulting work I do with children, parents and disability service providers. And there ongoing, and probably never ending edits of written content. Twitter is being put on steroids, Facebook and Linked content will be better defined. Luckily I have Virtual Assistant that are better at the technical aspects of all this than me. I would have never been able to figure it out on my own.

I encourage all private practice owners to give serious consideration to their web presence. Are your pages easy to find, do they come up when people put in key words, is their structure, content and call to action clear and enticing?. What social media platforms best suit your market and your target market, are you active in those spaces? Do you curate content or do your create your own? If you were to start blogging, what on earth would you write about? So many powerful questions.

Luckily we have guidance at hand. There are specialists available to make us stand out online and attract our ideal clients. Best of all there are terrific people who have great technical knowledge AND speak plain English. This makes the initially foreign content and strategies feel very understandable and achievable. Such a mastermind will be joining us at the upcoming Paediatric Private Practitioners Forum. James Crook from Choc Chip Digital will outline web design and social media strategy that enhances your online profile and brings you clients. Come and ask him, he may even disclose my initial web presence score!

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