Six Tips for Working WITH Your Virtual Assistant

Guest Writer – Anita Kilkenny, The Holistic Virtual Assistant

So, you’re running an awesome clinic and it’s ticking along nicely, – you’re taking on clients and taking care of the day-to-day running but your business isn’t quite getting to that next level. Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and your admin is starting to fall behind. What is this costing your business? It’s time to let go and hire some help …

Congratulations! … you’ve taken that step and decided to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you out. Great decision!

The following six tips will help your transition of letting go and putting your trust into someone who has your best interests at heart.

  1. Be clear about your expectations to avoid misunderstandings. It is wise to have an agreement, signed by both parties, that outlines these expectations.
  2. Understand that a VA is not an employee but instead a business owner who will view your business from a different perspective – they should be regarded as a business partner. Treat each other with respect and integrity and the VA will look after you, support you, and promote you to their networks.
  3. VAs do not need to be micro-managed – you’re paying for someone who doesn’t require a lot of supervision. Experienced VAs will check in with you and keep you posted with progress reports.
  4. VAs are not salespeople. They are there to assist with aspects of your business that prevent you from generating more income.
  5. Plan ahead as much as you can and be sure to communicate your deadlines. If something is urgent, your VA will do their best to accommodate it, but this isn’t always possible due to advanced work scheduled with other clients.
  6. VAs don’t necessarily work ‘normal’ business hours, but be assured that work is being done but not necessarily during traditional or daylight hours. If you need them to be around certain times, just let them know and work out times that suit both of you.

Letting go is really difficult, and both you Virtual Assistant understand that. Keep those communication channels open. Next month, I’ll cover some great tools you can use to communicate with your Virtual Assistant. They will help you project-manage the things you need to get done.

Anita Kilkenny is Head Goddess at The Holistic Virtual Assistant  

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