Why we love helping paediatric private practitioners.

Private Practice can be a place of contracting personal abilities.  We hone our clinical skills through training and supervision, routinely delivering services with relative ease and excellence. However as a business owner our skill set and natural confidence typically feels very different. We feel that we should be able to figure it out ourselves, if we just work longer hours, ask a friend or allocate it as a summer project.

As a private practice owner this has been my lived experience. It was always hard to justify the time to develop my management and leadership skills when there were so many clients to see and team mates to support. There was always the juggle of doing less clinical work and managing the income drop in order to ‘do management’. Then there was the constant challenge of finding helpful small business information that suited me, my business and the allied health scene. It was hard to stay focused and optimistic.

During my private practice adventure I worked with several business mentors. I would not have survived if they didn’t have my back. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but they certainly did, it was obvious and yet they patiently guided me towards all this learning and more. Still I was always on the hunt for reading, courses, workshops and people to talk to so that I could manage my business and lead my team optimally. Failure was not an option.

The Paediatric Private Practice Virtual Conference is for all those private practitioners who work long hours and wish they had more knowhow, time and support. I would have loved this type of support back in the day when my business was starting, struggling and then finally succeeding. Yes you need different support at different points in the business lifecycle all for very different reasons. And as for success, we all have unique definitions towards which we work.

We wanted to deliver a virtual conference so that we could reach more people. We understand that it can be hard to step out of the business, the compromised income, plus additional costs for travel and accommodation. So let us bring the information to you, virtually from anywhere and on any device. The technology is there to share information globally and it is high time we optimised these platforms. The specialist hosting product we are using is incredible and truly replicates the conference experience. There are auditoriums, exhibition halls, and a virtual satchel to download documents into, there’s even a chat room and information desk. A complete virtual world. In the design and development process we have learnt a fortune and genuinely believe this to be the way of the future.  Stay tuned.

It can be difficult to find accurate, expert information specific to private practice. The first part of any conversation is defining what you do, the restraints you have and finally explaining… no that won’t quite work for me. Luckily the small business scene is strengthening and much more good information is available. Yet nothing beats the personal touch, hearing somebody talking about exactly what you want to know and being able to ask questions. Our grounding objective of the conference is to provide accurate high quality information delivered by energetic and inspirational specialist speakers. I know them all, they are content and small business specialists and beautiful communicators.  I am delighted they agreed to participate. Check out the conference program.

Time is precious. The conference is an action packed twelve hour program, but unlike other conferences you have the chance to participate on the day then revisit the full program and exhibition for 30 days afterwards. This means you can jump in and out of specific information as you require in proceeding weeks. You may like to connect with speakers during this time and deep dive into topics specific to your business needs. This is invaluable for expanding your knowledge bit by bit and not drowning in content.

We would like to introduce to other terrific support services. The virtual exhibition hall will be filled with businesses that you may have otherwise never met. They too know the allied health sector and are keen to e meet you and hear more about you and your business. P.S. we are secretly super excited about this fun aspect of the virtual conference. It will be amazing.

Here at Nacre Consulting we hold a bigger future for you and your business than you can see for your selves. We believe that with the right information and supports private practice owners can Love their Future. We want to help you step through your challenges and move towards 2018 with optimism and confidence. We look forward to making it a business date and e-meeting you February 14th.

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